Baking for Change

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La Boulangerie Française - Yangon is a bakery and pastry training centre launched in 2018.

The school provides 16 to 20 month intensive training courses in bakery and pastry to disadvantaged Myanmar young adults, aiming at promoting their future social and professional life.

To ensure its financial sustainability, the training centre uses an innovative economic model; the products crafted by the students during their training are sold and the profits used to cover training costs and overheads.

At La Boulangerie Française, ingredients are carefully selected. To ensure the project is suitable and benefiting to local companies, as many ingredients as possible are sourced from Myanmar. 

Students are trained to the highest standard set by centuries of French baking traditions. Everything is naturally handmade in house, without the use of any enhancers. The dough is kneaded slowly and fermented for up to 48 hours to produce a robust flavour and texture.

Kokkoya is happy to be offering members the opportunity to 'eat for change' by supporting these young bakers. Find their products here.