Farm Memberships

Posted by Kokkoya Organics on

We want to be here for a long time. That means that we need to be a sustainable business and therefore we have introduced Farm Memberships for a few reasons;

1. Our Packaging Deposits are now replaced by yearly membership fees as the packaging set is worth 25,000mmk and needs to be replaced once or twice a year. That means that we have been losing money on this since the beginning. The Farm Membership includes packaging rental for the year and some will go towards buying new packaging every year.


2. We have monthly/yearly subscriptions that enables us to run as a business and serve you better. We also love to travel, but when members take a break we still need to pay all our bills. The Farm Membership is a buffer for the year to help us cover the monthly costs when members pause.


3. We want to put all our energy into creating the best service for our members. To help us do that, we need to attract the right members in the beginning. Members that join for a month and realise that this way of eating does not suit them take our energy away from improving the service for the members that love it. So, the Farm Membership is a little speed bump to make sure members that come to us are really serious. 


Those were the three main reasons we introduced Farm Memberships for us. But we do not take our members belief in us for granted, we will continue to refine and improve our service. We are always listening and working on ways to help our members eat and live better.