Hello New Members!

*This is a post written specifically for new CSA / Veggie Box Subscription Members who have made their first order.*

Hello lovely new members!

We are so happy to have you here and to welcome you to our community this month. 

'We' are Sophia, Caity, Khu Pawe, Catherine, Nilar, Ng Win, Bo Hein, Chit Kaung, Charlie (our farm dog), Moon Cake, Coco and Rona (our farm cats). We are passionate cultivators of both plants and people. Profits from our CSA are redirected back into training our young team who are co-owners of the business. The team manage our urban farms and CSA service; you will meet them quite soon if you receive your bag yourself each week. Answering your emails is usually Sophia and occasionally Caity.

Also keep a look out for events we post on Facebook and in our monthly newsletter. We love meeting the faces that receive our bags each week.

Our first harvest and delivery was in December 2017. We have proudly continued our weekly deliveries every week we said we would- despite all the challenges that can be thrown at us just in one morning! We are also continually developing, refining and perfecting our service. We do make mistakes in this process and your feedback is very valuable to us- so please get in touch if there is ever a problem with your delivery. Thank you emails are also amazing- they have a habit of coming in tough times to bring smiles to our occasionally frazzled faces.

There is a little bit of an information overload when you first begin, but after that its straightforward and your gut will be very grateful!

Delivery Information
Your share of vegetables will be delivered on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday (it should be in the first line of the confirmation email that sent you here). Delivery days are according to where you live in Yangon and as we are such greenies and wish to save fuel, we do not deliver outside the zones on their set day. 
Our delivery times are between 11 am - 4 pm because your vegetables are fresh- the ones from our farms are harvested the morning you receive them!
On a delivery day we harvest from 7 am onwards then we wash and pack everyone's bag. We try to finish by midday but sometimes weekly add-ins can run late and so we allow ourselves until the latest 11 am on a delivery day to have everything ready to go. Our driver arrives at 10:30 am, the car is packed with bags in order of how they will be delivered and the delivery team starts the route.
The route is usually in a loop around the delivery zone area. So you cannot choose the exact time you will receive your vegetables as your delivery is in a long line of deliveries to be made as quickly and efficiently as possible. 
The first week we always, always run late. This is because there are your new addresses that we need to find and that adds extra time (please have your phone ready the first time we deliver to your address). Delivery days can be stressful with heavy bags and are after a long morning of harvesting, washing and packing- so we do ask if you ever see our team on a delivery run- give them a smile and say thank you. 
Your bag will arrive sometime between 12-5 pm on the first week. However, the delivery route will then be set for the month and your bag will arrive around the same time each month (eg. if it comes at 3pm on the first week, it will usually come around that same time for the rest of the month). Please let us know if you have any specific time requests and we will try our best to fit them in with the route.
Collection Points
If you have selected delivery to one of our friendly collection points- please introduce yourself to the staff and they will direct you to a folder and collection sheet. Please find your name and sign when you collect. Cash payments can also be made here. In future weeks please also tick when you return any packaging. Please keep an eye out for a cooler bag when you order extra products such as pasta and cheese.
Home / Office Delivery
If there are any sudden changes to your delivery on the day, please contact our delivery team on 09 763362650. For the first delivery please be ready to meet the team or have someone there who can- so that you can make any payments and also help with any directions. In following weeks, please prepare last weeks packaging so that it can be collected by the team.
For home deliveries being received by house helpers we request that you sit down with them before the first delivery to explain what our service is, why you have chosen us and how it works.

We are very proud of our packaging- the salad bag will keep your greens fresh all week and the big bag fits a lot of veggies, is easy to wash and folds up small for storage.
Packing these bags can be like tetris, especially with a lot of extras such as yogurt and eggs- but we have only ever had one member tell us that there were smashed eggs and so now we issue this warning- please pick up your bag by the orange straps- not the flexible black rubber. ;)
As a company we take responsibility for all the waste we create and so we take back any packaging that you may receive- yogurt containers, paper bags, rubber bands, jars, etc. We will return them to the supplier when we can or re-use them on the farm. Feel free to send them back. We also have an activity sheet if you ever want to do a household waste audit, just ask us. Sophia also put together a Zero Waste Living Guide for Yangon. 
Our Food Waste Loop also keeps your kitchen waste out of landfill and we process it for you on the farm to grow more vegetables. If you choose this we will try to send you an information sheet but feel free to email us any questions.
Some extra orders such as the peanut butter, spices and chocolate may come in the second week of the month due to ordering and production times.

The Community
After becoming a member, you will likely get a Facebook friend request from 'Charlie Kokkoya'. (Or please send him one) Once you have accepted Charlie's friend request our farm team (on behalf of Charlie) will add you into the private group 'Yangon's Long Table'. In this group you will see other members posting recipes (feel free to post your own) and we will also post every harvest day what you can expect in your bag with ideas on how to enjoy them. Its also where we will post any news, updates and events. 
If you have any questions regarding your membership or the vegetables and other products, feel free to contact Charlie on Facebook or email us directly at csa@kokkoyaorganics.com

Thank you! We look forward to getting to know you this month.

Happy Eating!
Your Farmers x

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