Why am I missing items?

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Occasionally there may be an item missing from your order and you may have received an email with a refund code for an items that could not be delivered. Like you, we love the days when everything is perfect but here is an explanation to those missing items and refund codes- 


We regularly contact our network of farmers and producers to check on availability of their products and update our website with any changes. So our website is as up to date as possible.


When an order is placed on our store, we do not ask or collect payment immediately.


On Monday we contact our Farmers and Producers with orders and check if there are any items they cannot provide for the week.


We then remove any impacted items before we send the final invoice amount. This is usually sent on Tuesday and the order only contains items that our farmer and producer network has confirmed are available.


We do not keep stock and majority of items are harvested, produced fresh to order on each delivery day this means that after confirming with our farmers/suppliers on Tuesday we do not know an item is unavailable until the moment we pack it. 


Here are some examples as to why a product could not be packed-


- the farmer forgot to include the item with the rest of our order

- the bus company lost a box

- the bus broke down and the product was late/destroyed

- the producer had a staffing issues

- the producer misread the order

- a crop was damaged by weather

- the crop yield was over estimated

- ingredient sourcing issues


((In times of COVID things have been even more difficult and we almost have a full stand-up comedy routine of all the crazy things that small farms and businesses have faced to continue producing and delivering. We will save them for another day.))


Packing days are busy as we rush to get fresh products to you as quickly as possible. We mark a boxes Pack Sticker with 'RF' (refund) and also highlight it on our pack sheet as we go through them. A team member then goes through our highlighted pack sheets by Friday afternoon and sends Refund Codes and emails to anyone impacted.


We used to refund by putting cash in the box but these were not trackable and often went missing. 


We currently pack and deliver 60-90 orders a day with 3-5 different delivery vehicles out at a time. As mentioned we want everything to reach you as fresh and fast as possible, so asking our delivery team to deal with cash refunds or our team to call ahead to alert you to deduct from the total order amount is not efficient or easily trackable.


Trust us, we know the refund code is annoying and we are looking for alternatives.


There is a very small percentage of refunds that are caused by the Kokkoya team (eg. misread product labels) but we take the full blame for any errors caused by our 60+ suppliers and sometimes a mailbox of these is quite depressing.


But we all make mistakes and we believe they help us become better. At every team meeting we discuss the errors of the last week and come up with solutions to prevent them happening again. We often have discussions with our suppliers to do the same.


We want to limit our impact on the planet and do that by supporting farms that use environmental practices and by supporting the local food movement. The challenges we face are many but we have seen great improvements in the last three years and a lot because of customers like you who continue to support us as we learn.


Thank you!