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Ciao is a producer of Italian Gastronomic Specialties in Yangon, Myanmar since 2006.
They use only natural preservative and the products are free from coloring agents. Proudly made by following traditional Italian recipes.

From the producer-

The water buffalo is a native breed of Southeast Asia. There are several hypotheses about how they arrived in Italy. Some claim that it was introduced by the Arabs, but those who claim that it came as a result of the barbarian invasions in the sixth century. The water buffalo found its natural habitat in southern Italy, and particularly at the mouths of two rivers, the Sele and Volturno, both in Campania.

150g/ jar

Why is it called Mozzarella?​

In the twelfth century, in the Monastery of San Lorenzo in Capua were produced the "mozze", the legendary buffalo mozzarella. Their hard conservation and a still primitive production technique, however, made the fame of this masterpiece rather limited to a few kilometers from the place of production.​

AllThe mozzarella name derives from the final cut with which the mozzarella is separated from the spun curd with a "docking" operation.

Why is buffalo milk better for making mozzarella?​

Buffalo milk has general characteristics very similar to those of cow's milk. It deviates from the latter for the highest level of fat, proteins, calcium and phosphorus, important for the growth of children. It also differs due to its microbiological quality, in it there are some lactobacilli strains in higher concentrations.

The artisan mozzarella must be kept in the preservation liquid and consumed within 3 days of production. Preserved at temperatures between 0 and 4C, it can be consumed within 7 days.