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Anytime Menstrual Cup


Isn't the cup the best deal for your period, wallet and planet?

Making a change from a pad or tampon to a cup can be a scary proposition!! 
Believe us! We have been there! But it is not as hard it looks.

Why change to a cup?
♻️ Lifetime shopping - Reusable
💰 You will SAVE MONEY
🍃 Eco-Friendly
🛢 ZERO Waste
🦠 Healthier

It's a reusable cup which means no more waste going to landfills. Huge savings as well: 25,000 mmk vs. years of buying pads / tampons.

Menstrual cups hold more and last longer compared to a regular pad or tampon. The cups also collect fluids rather than absorbing them, keeping your interior naturally lubricated and healthy.

Small is for women who haven’t given birth vaginally.
Large is for women who have given birth vaginally.
Pink, Purple and White colours available.