Farm to Brewery Tour


Enjoy a guided tour of Kokkoya Organics urban farm by one of the farmers (Burmese or English). Learn how the farm began on an overgrown plot of sand, the organic techniques used and explore the variety of crops grown. Then explore the neighbouring area with a tricycle ride (weather dependent) through the backstreets of North Dagon to Burbrit Brewery to taste some of the finest craft beer available in Yangon!

Itinerary below-


Farm tour (as above).


Community is a big part of Kokkoya and for this tour, guests have the opportunity to experience a little-explored part of Yangon on trishaw while on their way to Burbrit Brewery! The ride goes down small shady streets; where new houses sit next to old, locals cheerfully wave and puppies play alongside the road. 


The ride ends at the local Craft Brewery. Here guests are welcomed and taken on a small tour of the brewery and offered a tasting selection of their finest beers (and cider) and invited to stay and enjoy the sunset view on the river.

25,000mmk/person. Please email

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