Meet the Farmers

We currently have 5 young farmers growing, harvesting, managing and selling vegetables from our own two farms and from other farms in our network! Every day offers opportunities to learn on the job while we also offer more organised trainings on English, Accounting, cooking, photography, computer and agriculture.

Kokkoya #1

Our first farm that started towards the end of 2017 is where we tested everything first, harvest most of our produce and pack all our CSA/ veggie shares. Its run by three young women who have learnt a lot in the last year! Read on below to meet them and learn what they have been doing at Kokkoya.

Khu Pawe:

We have improved the good social parts. We had to learn alot of organic agriculture from Kokkoya. We know managment about the work and crop planning. First, we don’t know how to start about an organic farm but now a little bit easy for us. We got alot of business methods and product value experience. We can choose to grow suitable climate vegetable. One year, in kokkoya we got so many trainings- english class, marketing, cooking, etc…. We got so many new friends and experience so we really improve skills!


I got a lot of experience in Kokkoya Organics. At first I don’t know well english language but now I am better and can speak english a little. I also learned how to communicate and I got agriculture methods. I am so lucky in staying Kokkoya. Now I slowly slowly learn about markerting and how to start my own farm. Thank you so much everyone for everything!


In Kokkoya, I’m getting a lot of agriculture experiences, better English skills and farm management. I know how to manage the farm, how to grow the plants and also better social parts. I got a lot of training. First time, I don’t know about Permaculture. Now, at this time I know a little about Permaculture. First, I don’t know how to start the farm but now I know. I hope to speak English language better than present.


Kokkoya #2

Our latest farm which only started in December 2018 is in Dagon Township and is managed by two young men who built the farm in only a month. This is our second test farm and we are curious to see how it produces over the next year. Meet the two guys running it below-

Mg Nyunt Win:

The name of my new farm is K2 or Moringa farm. It is near by Shwe Dagon and it is very beautiful organic farm. When we first started our farm, we cleaned grass and removed many bricks with 5 employees, where I started learning the basic of work. I worked hard on the farm, taking the teacher’s advice, knowledge and alot of working rules and started building growing beds. It has many trees such as, Moringa trees, Jack fruit trees, Banana trees, Papaya trees and flower trees etc… . Now, l live on the farm with my friend he is Khayan and from Dawei. We start working every morning at 8 o’ clock break from 11.30 to 3:30pm then 5:30pm evening is when we finish working. We don’t have overtime. We have four days off per month. Our job is not at all hard and I like it. We get experience with this work and we don’t have special difficulties at the farm. This quarter is very silent, sometimes we feel its too quiet for even singing loudly. We go to Myi Ni Gon or Kyimanaing market on foot- nearly two mile far from there, but we are never tired or moan as everything is ok. I like our moringa farm because it’s very beautiful and I can say the best farm for me. Our teacher is very kind and I love it. I like to speak english with teacher because it’s a beautiful language and I need it.

Saw Bo Hein:

Thanks first to God. When I arrived here, I was feeling very happy. I’m very thankful to KOKKOYA Organic to accept me warmly. I’m proud of myself to be a Kokkoya Organic member. I’ll try to be a good staff for Kokkoya Organic and the New Farm and then I have to learn so much about organic agriculture and knowledge from Kokkoya Organic. Thank you all!

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