Monsoon Workshops

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Rainy season is the perfect time to learn something new! Our training centre overlooks our lush farm and is nestled in the branches of a rain tree. Its the perfect place to escape the rain, learn something, meet new people and enjoy the green season.

We are excited to host several workshops over July and August.


Introduction to Aquaponics (Burmese and English)

Saturday 21st July, 9am-3pm
How can we use the waste of fish to grow plants in a soil less medium through the unique circular growing system of aquaponics. Learn the basics while helping us build our own aquaponic demonstration site on our farm! Includes morning tea and farm lunch. 60,000mmk/person. Tickets here.


Introduction to Permaculture (Burmese)

Sunday 22nd July, 9am – 3pm
This course in Burmese introduces the ethics of permaculture, design tools relevant to Myanmar and the role permaculture can play in development. Includes morning tea and farm lunch. 50,000mmk/person. Tickets here.


Urban Permaculture (English)

Saturday 28th July, 9am – 3pm
Interested in Permaculture but only have a small balcony? This workshop covers the basics of permaculture and how they can be used by you in an urban setting. Includes morning tea and farm lunch. 50,000mmk/person. Tickets here.


Healthy Meal Planning (English)

Sunday 12th August, 9am – 3pm
Join registered dietician Breanna in a hands on workshop on preparing healthy, balanced meals and learn some basic principles that will make it easy to prep delicious healthy meals for the the week. Includes morning tea, all ingredients and farm lunch. 50,000mmk/person. Tickets here.


Kitchen Hygiene and Safe Food

Saturday 19th August, 9am – 3pm
Mikaila from Live well, cook well will lead this workshop on food hygiene covering bacteria, food storage/handling and knife skills. All participants will receive a certificate. Includes morning tea and farm lunch. 50,000mmk/person. Tickets here.


Apartment Gardening

Saturday 25th August, 9am- 3pm – Apartment Gardening
Caity will guide you through the basics of apartment gardening in this hands on workshop that will give you the confidence to grow at home, compost at home, grow your own microgreens and also provide the option to buy materials (compost, soil, worm compost kit and seeds) to get you started on your home gardening journey. Includes morning tea and farm lunch 50,000mmk/person. Tickets here.

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