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Large Tiffin Lunchbox Three Layers


Lazy to cook & feeling like take-way? Get your tiffin box before you leave home. 

Traditional Myanmar design with modern colors are these enamel food carriers. With 3 large layers, there will be plenty of space for different flavors and plenty of people

Reusable food containers are an easy option to avoid waste but also to avoid plastic in your food. Do you wear plastic bags, why should your food do? Do you want to eat plastic? Studies confirm that storing hot or cooked food as well as tea in a plastic container or bags might cause chemical releases. Do you want to eat food with chemicals? 🤔

🤗Enamel is food-safe!
🌍Environmentally friendly!
⭐️& preatty cool!

Contain 3 layers for food, lid and holding structure, about 19 cm diameter and 30 cm height.