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Cutting Boards


Hand crafted from Myanmar hardwoods, these cutting boards are made to last. Our skilled artisans sculpt these boards from a single piece of wood ( Gogo Rain Tree) making them suitable for heavy duty use. 

Food safe and chemical free, this cutting boards are true statement in any kitchen. 

Cheese board  is the perfect size for a small serving and has a beautiful cherry red tone from the Myanmar Pinga wood. 

Keep it clean and dry after use. For the best use: assign different boards for animal and non-animal food and once in a while apply a natural oil in an even layer over the wood and let it soak before you use it. We use coconut and Olive oil, but could be any     kitchen oil.



Block Cutting Board - 30 x 21 x thickness 2,8 cm

Handled Cutting Board - 40 x 20 x thickness 2,2 cm

Handled Cheese Board - 30 x 13 x thickness 1,5 cm