Fresh Goat Milk, Oats and Pine Hydrosol

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We are so proud to bring the natural moisturizing benefits of fresh goats' milk to your shower this cool season thanks to our friends - both bipeds and quadrapeds - @theyangoncreamery. They have shared with us this incredible goat’s milk which is both a gentle cleanser that, and because if its naturally high fat content, can replenish your skin’s moisture. 
In this gentle, gentle bar of soap, the oats work to relieve itchy or damaged skin and help to create a rich lather that lifts up the light smell of the hand-distilled pine hydrosols made of wild-foraged sprigs plucked across southern Shan state. 
We hope this new line of seasonal goat milk soap can be something of a pick up for you and your loved ones over the holidays and beyond. 
Each hand-cut bar is about 120 grams, so a nice sized piece of soap. 
No. 16 Soapery is a Yangon-based workshop featuring handcrafted soaps, using local, small-batch ingredients from across Myanmar. 
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