Fromage frais (Cow)

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Fromage frais

A fresh soft cheese made from pasteurized milk from The Yangon Creamery’s own cow. It has a slightly tart flavour with buttery notes. Spread it on your favourite bread, bagel or crackers or incorporate into any recipe that calls for fresh or cream cheese. 
Kept refrigerated, it will last 3 weeks from packed date. No added preservatives. This cheese can be frozen to extend the shelf life; thaw fully in fridge before consuming.

Weight: 145g

Price: 5,500 MMK


The Yangon Creamery

The Yangon Creamery produces artisanal cheeses, made from the milk of their own animals.

Since goats aren’t traditionally raised for milk in Myanmar, the team behind the creamery decided to get a few goats and set up a small peri-urban farm on the outskirts of Yangon. The first batch of seven pregnant does came from Meiktila in 2019, and the herd has been growing ever since! They were joined by the first cow in December 2020.

The Yangon Creamery’s animals are grazed freely, ensuring they are naturally healthy and happy. All cheeses are made in small batches, without any added preservatives.