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Garlic Mustard


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 Ingredients: garlic, dijon mustard, apple cider vinegar, coriander, black pepper, olive oil, stevia, Himalayan salt

Usage: Pair with meat dishes (works well with chicken), or as a party dip.


Refrigerate for up to two weeks after opening and store in fridge if temperature is above 20C.

Who are Wolf Kitchen?
We are a passionate young company which constantly innovates to bring you the highest quality local products that taste good and make you feel even better. By redefining healthy, we want to satisfy your cravings without cutting off the joy of eating!
With our business, we aim to empower local farmers community by providing them with a viable source of income through the promotion of the organic farming and help all of us to reduce our carbon footprint and lower the pollution in the environment. The products we proudly bring from our kitchen to your table do not only taste good; they are indeed The Good Food.