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Genius 100% Arabica Coffee


Genius coffee originates in Taunggyi district, southern Shan State, where the year-round cool climate and sloping hills at an average altitude of 4000 feet (1220m) provide the ideal location for growing Arabica beans.

Genius coffee works with local farmers and Danu hill tribal families, who live in the area and depend on growing seasonal crops. 

“By growing coffee, we can create a green and pleasant environment under the shade trees. Both the shade trees and the coffee trees provide income. The decayed leaves from the shade trees provide the best fertiliser for the coffee trees. That’s why I trust in the quality of my coffee. I don’t want to cultivate large plantations that damage the soil, but in small plots worked by a few farmers under shady trees,” said Ko Ngwe Tun (founder of Genius Coffee).

Through this Genius also educates farmers in minimising deforestation and encourages the use of shade trees to help preserve the ecosystem.

Now that is Genius!

Try their 100% Arabica Coffee. Available as 220g or 440g packets as whole beans, fine ground or course ground.