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Organic Ywar Ngan Coffee


P"I can tell you the exact source of my organic cof­fee. It was grown by 50 coffee farmers on 78 acres of land in Alal Gai Village in Ywa Ngan Township in Shan State. These farm­ers grow coffee through organic farming. So, the consumers can trust the taste and quality of my coffee, while other brands mix coffee from various areas" - Genius Founder Ngwe Tun.


Certified Organic Coffee Bean by Control Union of Myanmar Agriculture and USDA.


Genius coffee works with local farmers and Danu hill tribal families, who live in the area and depend on growing seasonal crops. The company contributes 10% of our revenues to Development Projects in Southern Shan State and has won several social enterprise awards. 

The first locally grown Organic Certified Coffee available for the local market tastes and does just as much good as you would expect. 

Available as whole beans or fine ground in 250g packets.