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Happy New Year 2021!
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Pineapple Tepache x 2

Pineapple Tepache

Tepache is a fermented beverage made with pineapples seasoned with species such as Cinnamon. Tepache dates from Pre-Columbian Mexico, as a popular drink among the Nahua people of central Mexico; in the Nahuatl (also known as Aztec) language, the word tepiātl means "drink made from corn". Originally, corn (maize) was the base of tepache, but the contemporary recipe for tepache uses pineapple rinds as the foodstuff fermented to produce the tart drink that is tepache. Some varieties of tepache, known as tepache de tibicos, are fermented using symbiotic cultures of tibicos. It’s similar to kefir or kombucha, but more simple to process. Being fermented, tepache is a probiotic, gut-friendly refreshment that is sweet, sour, effervescent and mildly boozy. It’s delicious served cold on ice, and spiked with a dash of beer or lime. In addition, Pineapple tepache is rich in nutrients including manganese, vitamin C, phosphorous, and calcium. Pineapple contains bromaline and other enzymes that help with digestion, especially because bromelain is a mixture of protein digestioning enzymes. . Then on top of that, it is created as a fermented pineapple superfood that unlocks the digestive effects even more!

About the Producer

Sweetie Home was founded in 2017 and started producing home-made fermented drinks in 2018. The founder is a food technologist and the business has several expert advisors to ensure a quality product. 

 330 ml/ bottle, a set of 2 bottles
* Please return the glass bottles. 

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