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Curing Salt

CURING SALT (8000 MMK, 50g)

Curing is a type of preservation method which uses high salt and sugar content to extract maximum water out of the meat or vegetables. It undergoes a process called osmosis which draws out water content and prohibits the growth of unwanted microorganisms that lead to spoilage.


This is a textbook treatment that most high-end restaurants and butcheries use as flavoring and aging especially meat, but equally applicable to vegetables as well.


Our Curing Salt contains an equal balanced flavor of saltiness sweetness, aromatic dry herbs and the tang from our homemade sourdough powder that will elevate the flavor profile, texture, mouthfeel of your cured meats/vegetables, extend shelf-life by half-fold and will bring gourmet to your dinner table.


Key Ingredients: Black Tea, Sourdough Powder, Salt, Sugar


Perks: Instruction Manual and Recipes will be included in the purchase.


How to Use


Rub thoroughly on your meats/vegetables. A little goes a long way!


Marinade as suggested in our instruction manual.


Rinse well in water after marinade.


Now choose your cooking method: Confit, Grill, Saute’, Roast, Sear, Boil.


A recommended ratio for optimum flavor is 20g curing salt for 1kg of meat. This is an average ratio and outcome may vary depending on the curing time, however, pls feel free to play with your ratios once you get confident.


For more advanced technique is Air-drying and Aging. We do not recommend you these techniques without any prior knowledge and experience in food and safety handling. However, please contact us directly and Chef Trish will walk you through the process for more information.
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