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Wolf Kitchen Honey


Raw Shan Honey:

Raw Honey has all the vitamins, nutrients and enzymes intact. This helps ward off allergies, stabilize blood pressure and balance sugar levels. It also promotes digestive health and better skin conditions.

Ingredients: 100% raw honey

Usage: Ideal for cooking, baking, marinating or eating raw


Raw Shan Honey (Tumeric):

Turmeric honey can be used for fighting bacterial and viral infections and as an anti-inflammatory potion that eases seasonal allergies as well as a general immune booster. This natural mix comes with no side effect, promotes the beneficial gut flora and improves digestion.

Ingredients: 100% raw honey, turmeric powder, black pepper

Usage: Mix with lemon & water, drink first thing in the morning


Who are Wolf Kitchen?

We are a passionate young company which constantly innovates to bring you the highest quality local products that taste good and make you feel even better. By redefining healthy, we want to satisfy your cravings without cutting off the joy of eating!

With our business, we aim to empower local farmers community by providing them with a viable source of income through the promotion of the organic farming and help all of us to reduce our carbon footprint and lower the pollution in the environment. The products we proudly bring from our kitchen to your table do not only taste good; they are indeed The Good Food.