The Good Supper Series

We think our everyday food choices have a huge impact on what kind of future we will have and these choices should be discussed more, over a good supper!

We also love that Yangon is having more options for better eating and we would like to showcase the new businesses that have started to offer these. The Good Suppers will be intimate dinners on our farm themed on food choices which affect our health and the environment. The dinners will start with a farm tour then a small presentation relevant to the dinners theme. Finally a sit-down meal where the chef will curate the discussion through the food presented and the ingredient choices behind them.

We hope our diners take away some new knowledge and make more informed decisions as a result, but also enjoy a lovely evening!

The Suppers include transport by bus from three locations in Yangon from 4.30pm, a farm tour, short presentation and delicious food.


40,000mmk (own transport)

45,000mmk (transport included)

‘Vegan’ by Chef Lynn from Wolf Kitchen

Saturday 21st July

Are you curious about becoming vegan? Or are already vegan? This dinner will focus not so much on the choice of becoming a vegan but the choices that come after? Some topics that will be covered include; the impact of soy production on the environment; nut milks; plant-based vs vegan; local vs imported ingredients; and is vegan full time best for your body? Chef Lynn is behind the healthy and unique products at Wolf Kitchen and inspired many of her followers to try more vegan recipes when she went vegan in January earlier this year. She is passionate about the local food scene and using the finest local ingredients. Tickets here.


‘Superfoods’ by Chef Bryce from Sprouts

Saturday 4th Aug

Superfoods are any food item that contains a lot of good stuff. But what about the dark side of superfoods; the over-inflated marketing campaigns; the consequences of demand on certain crops; and food miles? This supper will also discuss the role of underutilised local superfoods, such as moringa and the role they can play in a country where malnutrition is high. Chef Bryce is the General Manager of Sprouts, a cafe famous for its healthy delicious salads. Before Myanmar, Bryce was a restaurant manager in New York- where the latest superfood trend is cockroach milk. Tickets here.


‘Organic Chickens’ with Chef Orng and Shwe Taung Nyo Gyi

Saturday Aug 11th LUNCH

What makes a chicken organic exactly? Why are egg yolks different colours? What is the difference between free-range and organic? Shwe Taung Nyo Gyi is a relative new-comer to the Yangon food scene but already making waves with their woven egg baskets proudly being displayed across restaurants and homes in Yangon. Using the eggs and chicken meat, Myanmore Chef of the Year- Orng from Orng Kitchen will create an incredible farm-lunch! Chef Orng is passionate about using local, sustainable ingredients and as excited about using Kokkoya’s organic veggies as the chicken meat and eggs from Shwe Taung Nyo Gyi. 11am- 2pm. 50,000mmk. Tickets here.
‘Ethical Seafood’ with Pokky Tasty

Saturday, August 18th

Pokky Tasty brings the freshest local seafood to the local market. A delicious meal by Pokky Tasty’s own chef will showcase the finest and freshest seafoods on offer while presenting on the ethical and sustainable issues facing the fishing industry in Myanmar. 4.30pm-9pm. 45,000mmk. Tickets here.
The Last Good Supper in August will be on Sunday 26th. Details to be announced shortly.

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