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Building Rafts

Building Rafts

By Sophia

I’d like to think that most people who come into contact with Kokkoya all hold a shared concern for our environment. There is a lot of news nowadays that could easily make anyone feel panicky, hopeless and helpless about the future. This is the one topic that has risen again and again in our discussions and day-to-day conversations both inside Kokkoya and outside.

Last week we stumbled upon this essay by James Allen and I think he has offered us a kind of answer to the pressing question ‘what can I do to help?’ I would like to share this essay and in particular this quote-

“The viability of our civilisation is uncertain. While opening our eyes means we’ll confront darkness, keeping them shut means it’ll stay dark. Let’s dare to look and start building new worlds alongside the old.”

Read the full article here

I believe what we are trying and doing now is, in the writer’s words, building rafts alongside the big ship. Fingers crossed that we are going to build some strong ones.