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Thank you for being here.

Shopping and eating at our cafe are the easiest ways to support but if you are not in Yangon and would like to do more please see the ways below-

1. Follow us on social media

2. Become a Patreon member

3. Send a donation to our PayPal.

See more details on the options below.

Become a

Patreon Member

Help us get better at making videos and get exclusive access to behind the scenes updates.

Patreon is a membership site for artists and others like us. Monthly subscriptions start at $3 / month.

Donate via


Donations made to us through PayPal help pay for our online subscriptions such as the website, accounting etc.

We use the rest to support our community on the ground. We feel lucky to still be employed and have food on our table but our neighbours, team families and friends do not have it easy. We send food to those in Yangon and cash donations to those outside.

If you would like to help, please use the following email for PayPal: hello@kokkoyaorganics.com

Send a

Gift Basket

Let a friend in Yangon know you care. Choose the items yourself or buy them a gift card.