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For Schools

At Kokkoya Organics we grow great crops and expand young minds!

A school trip with us is an opportunity to see food at its source, and to learn how what we eat is intrinsically connected to the earth, even in our one-of-a-kind urban farm setting! From soil to seed to harvest, we give students the unique opportunity to observe and experience how food is grown. Our activities are engaging, hands on, data-rich, curriculum-aligned experiences, designed to encourage care for our world.

Click here to see our brochure of activities then email us at visit@kokkoyaorganics.com or call Catherine at 09 770142290 to arrange a great day out for your students.

Sample Itinerary 1

Urban Farm Experience

8.30am Arrive and explore the farm.

9.00am Farm tour

9.30am Soil Mixing

10.00am Planting

10.30am Harvesting

11.00am Cooking

12.00pm Lunch

1.00pm Finish

Sample Itinerary 2

Art on the Farm

9.30am Arrive and explore the farm.

10.00am Farm Tour

11.30am Pot Painting

12.00am Soil Mixing and planting

12.30pm Lunch

1.30pm Finish

What else do we offer?

We would love to customise your students farm excursion. Please get in touch with their current subject, number of students and preferred dates/times and we will send you a proposal.

Onsite Programs we are able to offer are;

- Botanical Printing

- Cooking class (includes harvest)

- Urban Farm Experience

- Nature Art Classes

- Bloom Bundle (coconut rope pots and planting)

- Nature Jewellery making

- Painting and planting

- Repa bag workshop

Lastly we are able to visit the school and do the following activities;

- painting and planting activity

- garden consulting

- classroom lectures

*Please note that for some activities we can only accommodate a limited number of students but are able to rotate groups of students in different activities around the farm.

Why Kokkoya Organics?

A day at Kokkoya is a great way for your students to get their hands dirty, bond and learn some new skills as well as creating an impact. As a social enterprise, all fees go directly to supporting our Sustainable Development Goals aligned programs.