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Help us Start our New Urban Farm in Yangon

Help us Start our New Urban Farm in Yangon

"Daring greatly means the courage to be vulnerable, it means to show up and be seen. To ask what you need..."
- Brene Brown
Support Our Crowdfunding Campaign here.

Over the last two years, Kokkoya has had the pleasure to host many of the Yangon community on our productive farm in North Dagon. This success has encouraged us to develop Kokkoya Organics, enabling our expansion in productivity and we envisage increasing engagement with the Yangon community on our new site.

Kokkoya 2020 from up above.

We began our first farm in 2017 and within 3 months were sending out 20 vegetable boxes a week. Now we have subscriptions for and send out 70 boxes a week. We plan to increase that number on our new site to 100 boxes a week (and eventually 200!). The community we grow for appreciate the most safe, fresh and farmer-direct vegetables in Yangon. Our weekly vegetable boxes contain not only our own Yangon-grown greens but vegetables and fruits from organic farmers across the country. They have been growing along with us and we look forward to continue supporting and building this network of organic farmers in Myanmar.

We now need your help to get us through the next phase of our new farm. Help us to start growing and developing Kokkoya 2020.

Why help us create an urban farm in Yangon?

We are doing this for the environment, for the farmers and for the Yangon community.

The environment needs a new kind of farming, a gentler kind, one that benefits and is in balance with nature. Farmers are facing greater challenges as weather becomes more unpredictable and extreme. Organic farmers in particular need support and encouragement to maintain sustainable agriculture highlighting an alternative pathway for food production in Myanmar. And lastly, we are doing this for the Yangon community- everyone has a right to healthy and sustainably produced food.

Why Yangon?

We are an urban farm because we want to connect Yangon residents back to nature, farming and each other. We need to be in the city so that you can visit us easily!

Who are we?

We are an employee-owned cooperative with a team of 8 ranging in ages from 21 – 32 years skilled in organic vegetable production and community engagement. All profits are reinvested back into developing the skills of the workforce and ensuring the sustainability of the Kokkoya farm.

How can you help?

  1. Donate on this page. We have a number of rewards you can choose if you are based in Yangon. For overseas friends, a private farm tour and lunch awaits you anytime you are in our city.
  2. Share, tell your friends and family and encourage them to support us too.
  3. Host a dinner for us. Invite your friends / family / strangers around for a home cooked meal and charge them a donation fee to our campaign. If you are on social media tag us or send us a photo and we will give you a shout out! We love the idea of people sitting down together for a meal made with love.
  4. Join. If you live in Yangon, we have a number of events coming up in the campaign period where all you need to do is order a drink on the menu/ join a yoga class / eat a meal to send some money our way. Follow us on Facebook for updates or send us an email.
  5. Support. Change your profile picture to our campaign "Kokkoya 2020" frame with our beloved farm dog Charlie.
  6. Gather your work colleagues together and make a group donation. For any work places or businesses that donate we will happily host you and your team for a farm lunch and tour on our new site next year.

A mini Charlie- born and bred at Hla Day Myanmar and hand painted by his farmers. This is the mini-size but we have medium and large sizes too- check out our rewards and take a Charlie home.

Upcoming Events (Please check our Facebook for more details)

We will be opening the farm to visitors on the following Saturday afternoons during the campaign - 26th October, 2nd November, 9th November, 23rd November.

We also have the following dates with events-

  • Monday October 21st- Kokkoya 2020 Launch Party at Parasol Restaurant
  • Saturday November 2nd- Yoga for Farmers at Nourish Cafe / Yangon Yoga House
  • Saturday 16th November - Meet your Farmers (Burmese language event) at Pansuriya



Thank you to our wonderful supporters, suppliers and friends below!

Hla Day Myanmar, Burma Cat Films, Parasol Restaurant, Nourish Cafe, Yangon Yoga House, Pansuriya, Wolf Kitchen, Port Autonomy, Alala, Sprouts, Roots, Tsukumo Bakery, Bulgarian Yogurt, Genius Coffee, Sawbwa Coffee, OISCA, Three Good Spoons, Three Mama Projects, Chu Chu, Niko Family Farm, Bokashi Myanmar, Over The Delta, Ciao, Organic Valley, Annie's Yogurt, Raw Juice, Soy Ai, Kaungbucha, Bald Piper Shampoo Co., IPho, Thidar Lwin, La Boulangerie, May Thet Khine, Thidar's Organics, Golden Ground, Gaihahita, Tara, Blue Temple, Angie


Use Of Funds



Phase 1

Site Preparation 5,000USD

New fence, drainage channels, renovations (new roof) on existing structure and water storage tank.

Farm Preparation 5,000USD

Greenhouse and nursery space, compost, growing beds.

Vegetable Processing and Packing Structure 10,000USD

Somewhere to process, wash and pack all the vegetables and extra items into our members bags each week. This new space will allow us to increase memberships and bring our safe veggies to even more people in Yangon.




Walk in cooler and power it (and our whole farm) with solar panels. 15,000- 20,000USD

All of the above is for Phase 1, extra money will push us into Phase 2 where we hope to set up all of the growing beds, build a natural water filter system, set up a small cafe, increase the depth of our onsite pond and build a new training / event space / office facility.