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Our Packaging

Our Packaging

Kokkoya Organics is dedicated to being a zero-waste business and we aim to help our members reduce waste in their lives too.

Our packaging was designed specifically for our CSA members with ChuChu Myanmar

ChuChu is a community-based, artisan workshop that creates handmade, earth-friendly products for you to use at home and on the road.
We don’t just recycle - we upcycle. Following strict production guidelines, we transform used umbrellas, plastic bags, paper, cement bags, tires, tubes and wrappers into beautiful, unique bags, gifts, containers and clothing accessories.


The salad bag was the first design and took a few prototypes but works much better than we expected. A washed and ready to eat salad mix is the highlight of our weekly share and it was important that we could keep it as fresh as possible between farm and members. When salad mix is not stored properly it goes limp and soggy very quickly. But not in our salad bag! If the salad is washed and dried correctly it stay fresh in the bag for over a week!

We recommend having a few spares of these as they are so good at keeping vegetables fresh and help prevent food waste!

Different to the usual veggies box- our large bags are like our salad bags in that they can be washed and packed up small for storage but also they are very easy for our members to carry home. They also help protect the veggies from the weather and get them to their homes as fresh as possible.

Both bags are made from up-cycled plastic bags heated together to make a stronger and reusable product!

Our members each get two sets of the bags and are asked to pay a deposit for these when they join. If members leave, the deposit is returned. The deposit is 25,000 mmk.

The packaging is coded to each member. If we do not have a members set one week, we will use non-renewable packaging and fine the member for these from the deposit.

If you are not a member but would still like a salad bag, you can order through Alala or stop into Hla Day