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1. Do I need to be a member to make an order?

No, but you do need you to create an account (free) on our shop to checkout. You can shop at anytime but orders made before Sunday 8pm will be delivered the following week. There is a minimum order of 20,000MMK and a delivery fee or 5,000MMK.

2. What day will my delivery come?

If you order before 8 pm Sunday and your township is Thingangyun, Yankin, Tamwe, downtown or Star City (Eastern Yangon) your delivery will be Wednesday.

If you order before 8 pm Sunday and your township is Bahan or Golden Valley your delivery will be Thursday.

If you order before 8 pm Sunday and your township is Sanchaung, Hlaing or Pun Hlaing (Western Yangon) your delivery will be Friday.


If you order after 8 pm Sunday, your order will be processed the following week only.


3. How can I become a Farm Member?

Becoming a member is easy. When our monthly shop is open, simply add the products Farm Membership and a Vegetable Box Share to your cart, you will then have access to our monthly shop products.

4. What are the benefits of becoming a Farm Member?

Farm Members can order items for a month in advance- receiving fresh items such as weekly eggs, yogurt or cheeses along with their Vegetable Subscription. Members are also able to add items from the Weekly Shop at any stage during the month with no minimum amount or extra shipping fee.

Please check this page to compare the different ways to shop with us.

5. Do I need to order a subscription Vegetable Box to be a member?

Yes. A subscription Vegetable Box comes in three different sizes and are curated to be nutritionally balanced, varied and seasonal. They are great for our farm and our farmer network as they provide a regular, reliable monthly income. A month subscription is a partnership between our farm and you- we share in the challenges and rewards of farming together.

6. I am a member. Do I get free shipping?

Members ordering for the first time do not have access to the Free Shipping Discount at checkout.

Continuing members need to write the discount code "Member" at checkout for Free Shipping.

If you are a member and have a current subscription to a Vegetable Box, you can order additional products throughout the month without an extra shipping fee or a minimum order requirement.

If you are a member but do not have a current subscription to a Vegetable Box you are not able to apply for Free Shipping for a weekly shop.