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Planet, Farmers and You


There is a lot about the current food system that damages the planet- from the various wastes it produces; the inefficiencies in production; the harmful additives; the destruction of soil; disregard for microbes and diversity in general. 

Instead of nourishing us and supporting life it does the exact opposite. 

The good news is that there are ways to farm that build soil, support life, feed microbes, increase site diversity, create resilience and nourish a community.



Farming requires a tremendous skillset and is an incredibly challenging (albeit rewarding occupation). As our planet changes quickly around us, the challenges will only increase.

The future needs smart farmers. We believe that training the next generation of farmers to run regenerative farming businesses is the most valuable thing we can do now. Kokkoya is jointly owned by the young farmers who receive regular farm, English, accounting, computer, business, marketing, photography, teaching and cooking trainings. 

A reliable market is one of the biggest challenges for small scale organic growers in Myanmar. Kokkoya supports the network of farmers by providing a reliable market and consistent income. We have seen farmers increase their production simply because we continue to buy what they have.

Kokkoya is not only the team and farm in Yangon but a growing network of small, passionate farmers across Myanmar.




We all deserve the right to safe food and growing it shouldn't cost the planet. We believe that farms that postively impact their environment produce food that is positively good for us!

Everyone needs to start asking more questions about where their food comes from, who grew it and the environmental impact of it! Kokkoya can only continue to grow as much as demand allows us- we are here for you- are you here for us?