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Our Story

Our name is inspired by the name for rain tree in Burmese and roughly translates to Rain Tree Farm.

We started with a plot of sand in North Dagon Township in 2017 with big dreams of growing safe food within the city and training youth in ecological, regenerative and by default organic agriculture. 

We sent out our first harvest to 20 friends in December 2017, proving that we really could grow food on a patch of sand in Yangon!

In May 2018 our community had grown and we were delivering weekly to 40 members across Yangon.

In December 2018, we were given the opportunity to train two more young farmers and test our 'system' once more. Moringa Farm or K2 began in Dagon Township with farmers Bo Hein and Ng Win.

Early April 2019, we learnt that we were to lose both of our farms in a few month. A search began for a new site in Yangon that we could continue farming on.

We found our new site in October 2019 and launch a crowdfunding campaign to fund our move and the first stage of site development. We raised 28,000USD and had a busy few months moving and getting the new site ready.

By early January 2020, we were operational and harvesting on our new site in Thingangyun.


The Kokkoya Team has now grown to 11. The focus of the business continues to be on growing safe food and developing the team.