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Going Plastic Free

In 2020, we filmed these stories of our friends journeys as businesses that are trying to avoid plastic packaging. It is not something that is easy but the creative ideas that have resulted from a self-imposed no-plastic policy are inspiring. 

We hope you enjoy them.

Also do check out Sophia's guide to living zero waste in Yangon, our featured living zero-waste collection at the end and learn more about how we fight food waste with our Food Waste Loop Subscription.

Going Plastic Free

Poe Ferments

Working with off-cuts from a paper factory to produce beautiful packaging.

Going Plastic Free

Ciao Italian Specialties

Playing with clay pots and looking for the perfect glass jar.

Going Plastic Free

Shwe Taung Nyo Gyi

Solving the problem of egg packaging with some fun along the way.

Going Plastic Free

Organic Valley

Keeping vegetables fresh with no plastic is a difficult problem that needs a determined leader to find solutions.

Going Plastic Free

Kokkoya Organics

How a membership systems allowed us to avoid plastic bags and collect food waste.

Going Plastic Free

Bald Piper Shampoo Co.

How piles of plastic led to a business idea.