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Pine Hill Green Tea


Pine Hill Village ထင်းရှူးကုန်းရွာ 

Look deep into the nature, you will understand everything better.

If you go up to Meneitaung (Menei Mountain) from Pindaya, there are many Danu villages , located above 5000+ ft above sea level, hiding in the trails of thick fogs & cool breeze. The air up there is fresh & crisp. You can see tea leaves drying under the sun in front of every house holds when you walk around these villages. When the wind blows, there is a distinct scent of tea leaves lingering in the air. Yes, you guess it right. One of the main businesses for these Danu villages is tea trees growing and tea production.

Located in a scenic region, Pine Hill Village ensures a tranquil atmosphere with pleasant, peaceful and picturesque landscaping surrounded by pine trees. Pine Hill Village is a family home and a place where tea trees growing tradition of Ma Thinzar’s Family for four generations. The land used to be a spot for opium poppy cultivation. Ma Thinzar’s ancestor transformed the opium poppy cultivation to tree plants.

Tea plantation stretch as far as the eyes can see on the side of the hill. If you are willing to brave a steep climb, you can go to Pine Hill tea plantation of Ma Thinzar’s. A visit to a local tea plantation is a wonderful way to spend the day, for an experience steeped in rich cultural history. This hands-on experience will teach you not only how to pick the leaves, but also which leaves are ripe for picking. After the tea picking, you will be served Pine Hill tea and pickled tea leaves salad prepared by Ma Thinzar’s family. Their tea trees in the arms of misty mountains are more than 100 years old and the tea that comes from Pine Hill is known for its complex flavor and lighter finish.

You may not be going home empty handed from Pine Hill Village. If it is the season, you might need to humbly accept Organic Avocadoes and other fresh produce from the farm as gifts.

When you are looking for a place to escape from your daily stress or the heat of lowlands, Pine Hill is the right place for you to experience and unwind.

If you want to experience a piece of tranquility & peacefulness ahead of the visit,  You can enjoy Pine Hill village authentic danu flavor green tea with Ahlu Ama. We deliever happiness to your doorstep.

Leave the Road, take the trails. (Pythagoras)