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Cultures Kombucha (500ml)


Cultures Kombucha (500ml) - Ginger Turmeric is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Cultures Kombucha

Come in 500ml returnable glass bottles.
Currently available in 7 flavours - 

Ginger Turmeric

Ginger Turmeric is a packed punch of 3 superfoods-in-one. With a base of Lashio Green-Tea Kombucha, and a generous infusion of fresh cold-pressed turmeric and ginger, it's bound to bring a little sunshine to your day.

GINGER is known to fight infection against cold and flu, be anti-inflammatory, helping with nausea, boosting digestion, improving circulation, detoxifying and clarifying the skin, and is also a known mood booster.

TURMERIC is packed with curcumin which is known to fight body-wide inflammation, boost cognitive function, is naturally antimicrobial, promotes healing, improves mood balance and is a strong antioxidant, and supports natural weight loss.

Ginger Lemon 
A longtime classic, Ginger Lemon is full of personality and is great for sore throats. The strong aroma, spicy from ginger and refreshing taste of lemon provide you wakeful relaxation of body and mind. Great for starting your day, or giving you a little boost in the late afternoon, Ginger Lemon leaves you feeling light, energized and refreshed. Have it on its own, or try it as healthy mixer.

Butterfly Pea Flower & Floral
Butterfly Pea flower is known for its stress-relieving, restorative and anti-oxidant properties which help with pain, reducing inflammation, helping eyesight and for beautiful skin.

Infused in already immune-boosting kombucha, together with other florals like rosebuds, hibiscus, and jasmine results in a smooth and gentle flavour, making it a favorite for those who prefer their boost with a more delicate taste. The resulting color is also beautiful and changes from blue purple to pinkish purple as fermentation becomes more pronounced.

Raw Green Tea

Made with Northern Shan Hills premium pluck green tea, the flavour is fresh, punchy and tart. The most classic kombucha flavor and perfect for every day.

Raw Pu'Erh 
Made with tea from Kokang region famous for its Pu'erh, this kombucha requires the longest fermentation (over 25 days). The resulting flavour is unlike other kombuchas you may have tried; complex and layered, the tart and sweet taste is unique and memorable with beautiful a cognac color.

Raw Oolong
Made with prized Oolong tea from the high elevation (2,400 m) Mong Mao Mountain from Myanmar's Wa region, the flavour is highly fragrant with floral notes, hints of peach and pear. The Kombucha taste is gentle.