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Misty Valley Green Tea


Hsee-kya-inn Or Misty Village

Hsee-kya-inn is one of the exclusive Danu Villages in Shan State, Myanmar. Hsee-kya-inn can literally mean “A Misty Village”, and located 6km away from Pindaya. Being a high-altitude area, the fog and mist making its regular appearance into the village especially during winter and the village looks like it is in the mist whole year round, therefore called A Misty Village. The mountains and hills are often covered with thick fog and transforming the whole town into small paradise.
The tea trees from Hseekyainn, owned by U Ba Si Family for generations, are more than 130 years old. It is extraordinary rare for green tea. Trees that old produce far more fascinating flavor, fragrance and antioxidant molecules than young, cultivated trees could ever imagine. And the cold, foggy weather makes the buds grow very slowly giving them time to fill with the highest concentration of flavor and nutrient molecules of the year.
Hseekyainn is located at ~5500ft above sea level. Their main tea region is situated on a high plateau with excellent growing conditions, well removed from harmful pollution. Growing tea at high altitudes is that colder temperatures also naturally protect tea plants from insects. Most of the bitter flavors in tea come from polyphonic compounds that develop as natural pest control. With fewer pests, these high elevation plants produce fewer bitter compounds. The flavor of high mountain teas is objectively superior with more complexity and sweetness, but less bitterness.
Although not many people from cities know the tea trees around this region, German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) realize that Hseekyainn produces some of the finest teas in the world. GIZ works together with Myanmar-German Private Sector Development (PSD) to help to build the Hseekyainn Tea Factory together with tea specialist from China and Japan. German Premium Tea Company, “TeaGschwendner” become the first importer of tea produced at the factory at Hseekyainn. According to Tea Experts, the Pindaya green tea qualifies to be among the best 0.5% of the world market.
Do visit to Hseekyainn village when you are around Pindaya.
In the meantime, Drink the Ahlu-Ama Hsee-Kya-Inn Green Tea to taste the Misty Paradise. Let us bring you one of the best Organic Farming Green Tea in the world to you and your loved ones.