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Pochi Silk Masks


Product Information

  • May be hand-washed in cold water with mild soap, or soaked for 10 minutes in water up to 60°C and ironed on a low heat

About Pochi

We were established in 2019, inspired by the traditions of silk farming, production and weaving in Chin state. We set up our business to empower rural producers and revitalise rural silk craft and commerce at every stage, from farmer to fabric.

This begins with supporting and training farmers to grow mulberry trees, rear silkworms to produce cocoons, and co-operate with families to reel silk into yarns. (We will replace our imported thread with farmer-produced Chin silk later this year.) The silk fabrics are then designed and woven in collaboration with upskilled rural weavers to realise the final product.

Our weaving studio and showroom in Yangon provides the route to market. It is home to several full-time weavers, and provides a space for training and developing environmentally-friendly dye techniques. Visitors to our showroom can observe worm rearing, silk reeling and weaving in practice, and can even take short weaving and dyeing courses.