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Food Waste

Food Waste Loop Information

What is bokashi?
Bokashi is a fermentation process that takes place in an airtight container. A rice bran mix is inoculated with micro-organisms that start the fermentation process (like using a starter culture to make yogurt). Bokashi is great as a home food waste solution as there should be no smells, no insects and all decomposable waste can be fermented by the bokashi process.
Bokashi does not turn waste into compost or soil. This happens in another process of decomposition. Once the food waste is fermented it is mixed with either soil or dry compostable material (such as leaves) and exposed to air. If you leave your food waste in the container, it will simply keep fermenting.
What you get?
1 x small bucket with a small amount of rice husk or coconut or newspaper
1 x small container of bokashi bran
As easy as 1-2-3!
1. Put your daily food waste into the small bucket. You can put in everything (including meat, seafood, dairy, left-overs, peels, paper etc). But no pet waste please! Try to add dry materials only (spent coffee ground oks, but not the liquid coffee)
2. For every litre or so of food waste sprinkle a few tablespoons of bokashi bran.
3. We'll pick up your full bin in exchange for a new one with the weekly veggie bag delivery.
Trouble shooting or it smells bad…
1. lid is not airtight - try to tighten or let Kokkoya know the container is not working
2. not enough bran - add more bran
3. too wet - add more dry material like newspaper, cardboard, dry coffee grounds
Thank you!
When food waste is landfilled, it decomposes without air, creating methane, one of the more potent greenhouse gases. Sending your food waste to be composted (or doing it yourself) closes the energy loop. Compost returns vital nutrients to the soil that grows your food, while doing a whole range of really amazing stuff such as making land more drought resistant and turning soils into a carbon sink mitigating climate change!
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