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Satisfaction Survey Results 2020

Satisfaction Survey Results 2020

This was our second year of sending our members a survey to see what we are doing well and what we could do better. These surveys really help guide us over the year to improve our service. After last years member survey we added more extras, a small size share and fruit every week.

We did not have time to make the data look very pretty this year. But really value those who took the time to complete the survey and write such wonderful things. 

How satisfied are you with Kokkoya's service?

61% Very Satisfied

39% Satisfied

(These were the first two choices out of 5, so its basically 100% satisfaction rate. Yay! It is the same for most of the following questions as well- the answer included 5 options to choose from.)

How would you rate the amount of items?

10% Too much of a few things

45% Perfect Amounts

45% Too little of a few things

How would you rate the variety of the weekly shares?

3% Too much variety

94% Perfect variety

3% Too little variety

How would you rate the quality of items?

33% Excellent Quality

61% Above Average Quality

6% Average

How would you rate the value of the weekly shares?

27% Excellent

48% Better than ok

25% Ok

How would you rate our communication?

83% Excellent

7% Ok

What are the main challenges with the weekly shares?

27% Unfamiliar ingredients

14% Lack of knowledge

18% Lack of time to cook

14% Delivery options

10% Lack of choice

What content do you prefer?

20% Farm Updates

20% Produce Information

25% Recipes

18% Green Living Ideas

17% Home Gardening

What events would you like to attend?

18% Cooking classes

19% Long Table lunches/dinners

5% Information Sharing

16% DIY workshops

10% Children activities

18% Member picnics

14% Gardening Activities